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We are enVerde-Get to Know Us

We’re a team of professional biologists, engineers, and business people working hard to improve the way our communities create energy and chemicals. At enVerde LLC, we understand that the decisions we make today have a huge impact on the global environment. That is why we are proud to introduce our new technology that can cost-effectively convert waste into clean energy and chemicals while providing economic development opportunities in the communities we serve. Please check us out-we have an excellent story to share!


Supporting Your Community or Organization

Since 2012, Minneapolis, Minnesota-based enVerde LLC has searched for breakthrough technology that improves our environment and provides economic viability, a powerful combination. We are commercializing that technology today and welcome working with you to identify the opportunities that may exist with your business or municipality. We have a team of highly experienced professionals to turn great opportunities into outstanding outcomes.

enVerde Introductory Video

enVerde's Core Team

Dave Goebel

CEO and Founder

Dave is a former executive with Mobil and ExxonMobil with domestic and global responsibilities in a number of areas including manufacturing, engineering, marketing, sales, and supply chain. He also has additional Fortune 500 and biofuel start-up leadership and executive experiences. Dave is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with graduate studies at the University of Texas (Dallas) and Northeastern University (Boston). Dave is based in Southeast Texas and Minneapolis.

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Dr. Andrea Festuccia

Chief Scientist and Engineer

Andrea, a graduate of the University of Rome-La Sapienza, has extensive global chemical and environmental engineering experiences both in academia and business. He has owned and managed engineering organizations and has provided consulting support to NATO and the Italian Ministry. Andrea is Rome-based with extensive experiences in research, IP, and start-up organizations including biofuels.

Nancy Durand

Business and Operations Leader

Based in Minneapolis, Nancy has outstanding operational, customer service, administrative, and marketing experiences primarily with Carlson Companies. She manages enVerde's license-to-operate activities as well as our production planning and partner relationships.

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Charles (Chuck) Fortman

Supply Chain Leader

Chuck has worked in production, operations, logistics, customer service, quality control, sales, and marketing of oils, fuels, and chemicals with Mobil and regional distributors. Leads our supply chain activities from Minneapolis.


What We Strive For

Making a Difference-Environmentally & Economically

Economic development and environmental performance are no longer contradictory concepts. They now work together and complement one another thanks to the support of the public as well as the technological advances being made by organizations such as enVerde. Energy is essential to support growth, development, security, and quality of life among many other issues. It makes so much sense for that energy to be clean. Our overall mission is to have a positive impact in each community we serve. With enVerde, together we can reduce waste streams turning them into clean energy while promoting economic development. It is a very powerful combination-enVerde and you.

Our Technology

Waste-to-Energy: A New Way

enVerde's technology can convert most carbon-based materials into clean energy via catalytically-driven processes. We can convert feedstocks such as woody biomass, agricultural wastes, algae, rubber, plastics, oils, etc. into syngas, oil, and char materials that can be used as energy or chemical sources. Our technology reduces the energy required to transform waste materials into clean energy and chemicals (exothermic reactions). We can power generators, boilers, and other systems to provide electrical power and heat. Our products can also be used as chemical precursors and even further refined into "green" versions of more traditional fuels such as gasoline and diesel fuel. We believe this innovative technology is game-changing technology and step changes ahead of other technologies. Economically taking waste and turning it into clean energy, without increasing carbon footprints, is an exciting and differentiating breakthrough.

Learn About Our Products

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"Green" Oil





Each of these products can be produced by environmentally friendly processes repurposing waste streams.

enVerde Advisors

Board of Advisors

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Dr. A. Russell Hoge

Russ is a former senior executive with Monsanto where he led R&D organizations in styrenic polymers. He also had a distinguished career at Mobil Chemical as a senior executive, with global technical, sales, marketing, manufacturing operations, and supply chain responsibilities. Russ built a world-class technology group, established a significant sales presence in Asia, and led the organization in record setting volumes and profitability. After retiring, became an entrepreneur for the past 10+ years. Dr. Hoge received his Chemical Engineering undergraduate degree from the University of Delaware and his doctorate from the University of Maryland-College Park.

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Dr. Paul Dauenhauer

Paul, an Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Sciences, was key in the development of the technology and the associated patents supporting our business. He is an expert in catalysis and biofuel related technologies. Paul received his undergraduate degree in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin and his doctorate in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota. He has worked in industry with Dow Chemical then taught and conducted research at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst before assuming his role at Minnesota.

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